Welcome to X Ray Proof Bags!

Our aim is to provide unique, specialized products focusing on your safety and protection.
Quality is key, and we sell nothing less. All our products are sourced to the highest of standards and this remains the case whenever new products are added to our range.

What are xray proof bags?

From trials and comparisons checks, we have found nothing that compares to our xray proof bags.
A heavy coating of blended alloys and synthetics, layered to become the superior choice for all your storage requirements.
xrayproof heat sealable bags provide the greatest of protection to retain and preserve all smells. They are completely U.V Proof, oxygen proof, gas proof, water proof, anti-static proof and even x-ray proof.

Our bags come in 3 sizes as standard and can be simply heat sealed using an ordinary household iron or an impulse / table top bag sealer.
You can also cut and seal bags to your required size.

We hope you enjoy your time at X RayProof Bags!

If you wish u to make you a special order or a special discount / quote please do ask us at [email protected] Discounts for orders over USD 500, USD 1000, USD 2000 etc

orders are shipped registered airmail.  we  can give quotes for courier service via EMS and DHL.